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Whether you’re a seasoned property developer, an avid investor, or are looking to purchase your first property, engaging a professional property bookkeeper to structure your investment is imperative. BAS & MORE are the experts in property bookkeeping. We help savvy property investors maximise their returns by providing expert advice and clever strategy, to support successful acquisitions, maintenance, and property sales.  Contact our team before you purchase your next property.

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Property Investment bookkeepers in Melbourne

Tax and legal administration can be complicated and confusing. Engaging the support of a property bookkeeper in Melbourne will ease the load and take the guesswork out of property investment. The team at BAS & MORE can help you set up property trusts, analyse the potential profitability of your property portfolio, and minimise your tax liabilities including capital gains tax. Partnering with a property bookkeeper in Melbourne is one easy step you can take to safeguard your risk profile and maximise the performance of your property investment.

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Why hire a professional property bookkeeper?

If you’re asking yourself “do I need a property bookkeeper?”, the simple answer is only if you want the best return possible. As an experienced property bookkeeper in Melbourne, we help property owners understand how to structure their property to achieve the best return both at tax time and over the long term. We know the nature of the property market intimately, and our seasoned experience means we can navigate this with you to realise your property goals.

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Why Partner with BAS & More to ensure growth of your business

Our Property bookkeepers can help you with:

  • GST, Capital Gains, and income tax advice
  • Rental Property tax returns
  • Tax Depreciation
  • Risk Management
  • Property Feasibility
  • Cash-flow Management
  • Business Strategy.
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We understand that each business has its own needs and goals. That’s why, it’s always best to meet in person and discuss how we can assist you. And besides, your first consultation is absolutely FREE. Let’s talk.

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